DPG 15 Upgrade from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13

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Dragon Professional Group

This is the upgrade from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 to Dragon Professional Group 15

After purchase you will be contacted by our sales team before receiving download instructions. Particular details are required for licensing purposes.

Dragon Professional Group (DPG) is a volume licensed product designed for businesses to improve efficiency using voice. It’s available for 1+ users and prices are dependent on number of users starting at £458.33 for 1-9 users reducing to as little as £297.91 1001+ users. Additional features to Dragon Professional Individual include Network Mgmt. Centre (NMC), Citrix and other Remote Desktop Protocol support such as Window’s Remote Desktop. Central management of user profiles and support for roaming user profiles. More detailed information can be found by clicking on DOWNLOADS on this page where PDFs are available covering everything from Feature Comparisons with DPI, DPG Feature Matrix… Government and Educational pricing is available. Please also see the videos below.

Watch Dragon Professional Group at work

Benefits of Dragon Professional Group

Support for Citrix® and RDP virtualized environments

Deploy on Citrix XenApp® or Citrix XenDesktop® servers where the target application resides, enabling users to dictate from workstations that do not have Dragon installed on the

Affordable and flexible volume licensing programmes

Ability to license as part of the Open License Program (OLP):

  • Reduce costs when purchasing volume licensing, upgrade assurance and technical support.
  • Use single electronic download and single serial number for faster installation
Create dynamic profiles

Administrators set and store user settings such as custom words, custom commands, and PowerMic settings with central administration through the Nuance Management Center:

  • Users can start using Dragon immediately with no training or setting adjustments required
Create and share powerful customisations across the user community

Add custom words to meet business needs:

  • Import and export industry terminology or industry specific words
  • Add individual words or word lists
  • Once custom words or lists have been created and added, share them across the user community for additional productivity gains when dictating
Batch transcription tool

Turn recorded audio files into transcribed documents instantly, accurately and efficiently:

  • Use the Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (AFTA) to transcribe batch files of audio recordings
  • Save time and simplify editing by a user or third party
  • Include “voice notations” or spoken instructions for third-party editors that you don’t want transcribed

Speed up and simplify document creation.

Empower employees to dictate documents three times faster than typing with up to 99% recognition accuracy, right from the first use. Since documents are created in a fraction of the time it would typically take typing by hand, they spend less time on paperwork and more time on more profitable tasks.

Leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology.

With a next-generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or those working in open office or mobile environments; making it ideal for diverse work groups and settings.

Streamline repetitive or manual processes.

Dragon makes it easy to automate tasks or short-cut repetitive steps. Create custom voice commands to insert standard boilerplate text or signatures into documents. Or create time-saving macros to automate multi-step workflows by voice. Once created, share these customisations across the Dragon user community for efficiency gains.

Add custom words to meet your business needs.

Personalise Dragon’s vocabulary to include the industry-specific terms or acronyms that your employees use daily. Once custom words or word lists have been created and added, share them with other Dragon users for even higher dictation accuracy and faster document turnaround.

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs.

Reduce dependencies on outsourced transcription services or eliminate transcription bottlenecks. With Dragon, transcribe audio files or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly and easily back at the PC, or use the Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) to transcribe batch files of audio recordings.

Improve mobile documentation and reporting.

Empower mobile employees and field workers to create documents or fill out form-based reports wherever work takes them. Use Dragon on popular touchscreen PCs, or sync with Dragon Anywhere Group, Nuance’s cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, and improve documentation productivity.

Reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

Reduce the symptoms of RSIs or proactively prevent further injuries. Enable professionals to create documents and perform other computer tasks – all by voice, and reduce the physical strain of typing.

Central user administration made easy.

The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licences based on usage and manage or share customisations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple users.

What’s New from DPG 14

  • Faster and more accurate than ever with a next-generation speech engine featuring Deep Learning technology
  • Formatting and other recognition improvements, to minimise post-editing
  • Optimised for popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PCs
  • Simplified set up
  • Improved user interface and experience
  • Enhanced transcription – greater accuracy with new engine, streamlined setup including for third-party speaker and improved profile management
  • Expanded support, including Enhanced Dictation, for more of the latest business applications
  • Contextual guidance tailored to your usage as well as improved help

Nuance Management Centre

Centralised user administration made easy

Documentation overload

Too much time spent on inefficient administrative work

Document backlog and missed deadlines

Inaccuracy and risk of non compliance

Time / cost of transcriptions

Cost of deployment and maintenance

Solution benefits

More time to focus on clients or drive your core business, Increased efficiency and productivity, Improved accuracy and compliance, Reduced transcription time and costs, Efficient, centralised management

Nuance Management Center (NMC) makes it easy to track usage and centrally manage licenses, user accounts and profiles, administrative settings, and custom words and commands across the enterprise. Dragon Professional Group speech recognition software coupled with NMC and goal-driven project management and services, provides a complete enterprise-ready solution that meets your organization’s specific documentation productivity requirements to improve the corporate bottom line.


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