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KajoButton is a sensitive and durable Assistive Technology switch designed for everyday use. KajoButton can be used in any situation that requires switch access. It can be used e.g. to control an environmental control unit (ECU) or to access a computer.

KajoButton has been designed to endure hard use and no compromises have been made with the quality of used components. KajoButton is mountable from the screw inserts in the bottom. The mounting inserts help making the switch stable in challenging conditions as KajoButton can be securely attached to a mounting arm. KajoButton switches have distinctive auditory and tactile feedback. The top of the switch can be customized to help it’s user to perceive the use the KajoButton is intended for.

KajoButton access switches come with several different options such as two different diameters and cable lenghts. The diameter of the switch and the cable length is should be chosen with the intended use. The smaller 25 millimeter KajoButton (#KB-25) can be used e.g. to control the functions of a electric wheelchair or to replace mouse functions, where several access switches have to fit in a relatively small space. The bigger KajoButton with a 50-millimeter diameter (#KB-50) is best suited for users who have limited accuracy when pressing switches. The bigger switch is also easier to detect.

Different selectable cord lengths, diameters and activation forces make the KajoButton a versatile Assistive Technology switch that can be used in different switch access situations.

Key Features

  • Durable, built from quality materials
  • Available in two different diameters
  • Available with different cord lenghts
  • Activates with a light press
  • Auditory and tactile feedback
  • Mountable from the base
  • Multiple customization options

Additional information

Activating Force

100 g (3.5 oz), 150 g (5.3oz), 250 g (8.8 oz)

Activation Surface

25 mm (1 inch), 50 mm (2 inch)

Activation Type




Cable Length

20 cm (8 inch), 77 cm (30 inch), 150 cm (5 foot)


Black, Red

Connection Type



3.5 mm, jack, mono, right angle


Auditory click, Tactile


Threaded 4 mm screw insert

Switch Type



Standard – 1 year (return to base)


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